Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Blog!

So it's been almost a year since I've posted a blog piece. Whoops! Sorry all. I'm not really good at this blogging thing. My main reason (read: excuse) I use for not blogging is I'm always waiting for professional photos from the photographers I work with at weddings to be able to post on here. Well, I think I'll just scratch that and blog whenever. To start I'd like to introduce some postings titled: "Did you know...." This will be dedicated to little tidbits of interesting wedding information. So without further ado.

Did you know....
that the reason a bride and groom aren't supposed to see each other before the wedding dates back to the days where marriages were arranged? It was bad luck to see the bride since it could result in negative feelings from the groom and the wedding being canceled. Still want to keep that tradition ladies?

In today's busy wedding days filled with touches that show off the bride and groom's personality it's more common to stage a photography "reveal" well before the ceremony starts. While it captures the first time you look at each other all done up in an intimate and beautiful way, it also gives the bride and groom a little quite time together on the biggest day of their lives. It can calm nerves and give each of them a chance to truly enjoy the day's emotions with each other before the "craziness" ensues.